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KuroHaku is a streetwear brand in the UK focused on Japanese and Hong Kong inspired cat graphic tees, hoodies and accessories. 


June, 2021


Web Design


The challenges:

One of the biggest marketing challenges for KuroHaku is that the brand is very new – not even one year old and there are a lot of competitive streetwear brands in the UK have got a lot more history and ranking well. There are three things we have done to help us grow.


Emphasise how we support local businesses


Build up PR and media presence


Focus on social media engagement

01: Emphasise how we support local businesses

One of the biggest differences that makes us stand out from the crowds is that we support local businesses in our area. All the t-shirts, hoodies, accessories and also marketing materials are printed in North London. We also get involved in a lot of promoting ESEA (East and South East Asian) activities to also help support other local ESEA brands. 

We are also very transparent when it comes to production to ensure our customers that we try our very best to be as sustainable and ethical as we can. 


02: Build up PR and media prescence

Building up PR and media presence is an very important aspect when it comes to branding. We reached out to a lot of communities and groups for collaborations. By doing this, we expand our network and reach out to potential customers who share our values.

03: Focus on social media engagement

Before we moved on to building up PR and media prescence, having a not good but amazing social media is key. Over the past 10 months, we really focused on producing great social media content and engage with like minded people to increase reach and engagement.


We also ran a series of instagram ads and kept testing and testing to come up with graphics that are in favour of the public. One of our best CPC (cost per click) rate  is £0.05, which on average the CPC rate ranges from £0.35 to £0.7 in the UK

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