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ITBox Computers

ITbox computers is a local mobile computer service company in North London. We needed to create an user friendly and visually appealing website. 


28 Feb, 2022
ITBOX computers


Web Design

The challenge

ITBox computers have already built up a good reputation among local communities. It has over 60 positive reviews. After analysing the older website they had, we have found 3 things to address and improve the look of the website.

01: Call to action

Since this is a mobile IT service, it is more than imperative to create a website that is easy for people to enquire. We have put a whatsapp function on every page so visitors can tap and start messaging the team. We have also emphasize the phone number on every page so people can also call as well.

02: Visually stunning optimised graphics

After analysing the graphics and also file sizes, we decided to re-edit all the photos and videos and also optimise them, to help with the SEO.

03: Adding an online tutorial function

To help engage with the audience and also SEO, we added a function where the team at ITBox could upload their online tutorials on their blog page.

We added a whatsapp function to the website for anyone wishing to have a quick conversation regarding their IT mobile services.

How did we do?


More website traffic over the past 2 months


Less bounce rate on Google Analytics


More conversions

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