Product Design


Hexa.Go is a bike wear brand offering durable & water resistant bike accessories for Brompton bikes


June, 2021


Web Design


The challenges:

One of the biggest marketing challenges for Hexa.Go is that the client could see there is a huge biking culture in London and would like to expand her brand from Hong Kong to the UK. We were commissioned to build a website for both markets.

Challenge 1:

In order to work on two separate markets, we have decided to have a Hexa.Go main page where visitors could choose the country to go in. In the future, we could have a drop down menu of countries that visitors can choose.

By having three separate websites, the client could have different content dedicated to the countries, which helps visitors from respective countries relate.

Challenge 2:

When we were building the product page, we bore in mind the products had multiple features and colours. 

Product images

The first part is the main product image. We also included space where we could fit in a gallery where customers could view the side, back and front for a better user experience. 

Colour variations

Since all products have multiple colours, we added a colour variations, people could click different styles, the photo gallery above and also the detailed product descriptions below will change accordingly.

Detailed product descriptions

We need to show the products have multiple features, such as waterproof zippers and  Fidlock® system etc. We included very detailed descriptions and close up images to help customers identify them and also encourage to purchase. 

Related products

We added a section where customers can see similar products to keep them on the website and therefore, reduce the bounce rate. 

Fixed position chatbox

We added a chatbox function and it stays on the same position on scroll so customers can open the chatbox to chat with the team if they have any enquiries. This way, we could improve the interactions between the e-commerce site and customers.

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