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Midori studio helps ambitious brands like yours to connect with their customers and fulfil their potential for growth. We take pride in doing things well and achieving the best results we can. Sometimes by using best-practice digital marketing techniques, sometimes by seeking out and exploring new opportunities.

How we started Midori Studio

Midori Studio was founded by two digital aspiring fashion brand owners, Kelly & Miles. They have been running a small streetwear brand KuroHaku and after speaking to a lot of small business owners, they could see a need for a marketing agency that understands small businesses’ challenges and meet their ambitious growth

Little Elves Fashions

We have achieved:


Web traffic increase on average

Happy customers

High quality social media posts

Our services include:



We only produce SEO-focused and engaging content for your users. Our creative content strategies allow us to gain organic, high-quality backlinks and social traction to push content even further.  

Brand Identity

 Our extensive branding services will help you establish a unique brand identity for you to grow your brand. We will go all the way to imprint your brand identity into people's heads.

Web Development

We will craft an eye catching but also user friendly website to help you grow sales. We will do extensive UX research to ensure the website is easy to use and therefore more happy customers.

Social Media

Our social media team has a wealth of knowledge in crafting engaging social media content and working with PPC (pay per click) campaigns to help grow your followers and reach.


We can provide you creative solutions for any campaigns, please contact us.

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